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BMW 6-pot (3L or bigger)

01 Sep 2016 in Wanted
so skidding a 325i is cool, but after last weekend in Latvia, I understood that I need more power (the stock M50 isn't up to the task of going 100+km/h sideways). I have many ideas, and haven't made up my mind yet, so I'd be open to offers on M54B30, S50 and other similar engines. haven't found a...
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I'm back, 10 years later

28 Aug 2016 in Newbies
Good morning gentlemen, lady's and absolute cunts. I've not been here for years so figure I should probably post in newbies again 👍🏻 Now I've passed all my qualifications i can afford more than just food and porn again so a drift car is next on the hit list. Now when I was a youth I must admit...
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You cunts still here?

14 Apr 2016 in Newbies
Fucking hell. I had almost forgotten about this place. Do people still use forums? I still remeber being super excited to get 50 users on this board. Haha
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Eyup fuckers!

20 Mar 2016 in Newbies
Jayk, from Devon. Been here before when I had my fucking useless rotbox of an FC for a bit.. But now back with the shittest of shit Volvo 345's that I wanna do some stupid skids in.  Was gunna chop the springs, but the engine disintegrated as soon as I got it, so been fucking about with a do...
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Hi from North Devon

17 Mar 2016 in Newbies
Hi everyone I am Sam 34 from Braunton North Devon, new to drifting but have worked on cars quite a bit. Bought this e46 323ise for £250 170k no mot eml light on limp moded it home and found the throttle body was jammed, cleaned the bugger out with tooth brush and carb spray - problem solved! F...
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Mike's M3

Mike@TDSWs M3 of pain and expense (and a bit of awesome). Written by Mike, about Mike and entirely 100% unbiased and independent of Mike.


Norfolk Arena BDC licensing day 2013 - the Tram...

Flump, the TrampHunter paid a visit to the BDC Licensing day at Norfolk Arena where there was a TrampDrit invasion taking place...


HMO. The frankenskidder.

Our resident TrampHunter, Flump, reviews the infamous E36 'HMO' belonging to TrampDrift's very own Gibson.


Official TrampDrift Vinyl Stickers

Due to popular demand, official TrampDrift.co.uk URL stickers are now back in stock. Available to all non-mouthbreathers!

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Hydro bleeding

Hydro Bleeding

Quick and basic guide to bleeding up your brakes, including hydro.

Guide one:

Two people. Person A and person B.

Person A:
Open door.
Sit in seat.
When told, push foot brake down steadily and hold it down.
Then, with foot brake down, steadily pull handbrake and hold it there.
When told, release the handbrake, and then the footbrake.
Repeat when told.

Person B:
Lay on floor, open rear passenger side caliper bleed screw.
Tell person A to push the pedal, then pull handbrake.
When they are holding both brake devices, tighten the bleed screw.
Tell person A to release the brake devices.
When person A has released them, loosen the bleed screw again and tell person A to operate the devices again.
Repeat this process a few times until the fluid spurts out a nice solid stream of fluid, not pissing, no bubbles, no spitting.
Clamp bleed screw and move to rear driver's side.
Repeat the process.

Guide two:

Bleed nipple open, footbrake down slowly, then handbrake down slowly, close bleed nipple, raise wand, raise footbrake, repeat. I've had hydro's in two of my cars, working one on discs and one on drums and both have been perfecto.


We at TD are generally not mechanics, so you follow our advice or guides at your own risk. Don't come whining if your brakes fall off or explode.